WELCOME TO sperry Engineering Pvt.Ltd

Sperry Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a leading organization involved in designing and manufacturing of automotive and industrial lubricants & fluids for OEMs & Lubricant marketing organizations.
It is the vision of SPERRY ENGINEERING to serve primary and secondary consumers in the automotive lubricants replacement market with high quality products applicable in a changing market place; with a supply chain of quality raw materials, manufactured into finished lubricants by SPERRY ENGINEERING, we aim to provide consumers the very best quality that their vehicles need.

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What is AdBlue
and what does it do?

Sperry Adblue® is highly purified colorless liquid. It contains demineralized water and urea. AdBlue is used in diesel engine vehicle & Machineries with SCR technology. It is also known as AUS 32, DEF or ARLA 32.

Sperry Adblue® is classified as nonhazardous product.
Sperry Adblue® is used in Diesel vehicle equipped with SCR Technology.
Sperry Adblue® must be stored indoor protected from direct sunlight and properly sealed.
Adblue Packaging

Packaging to suit all the customers requirements
From 5 Ltrs to 1000 Ltrs & Bulk

AdBlue® can be kept at temperatures of between -11 °C and 25 °C without any reduction in shelf life. We offer AdBlue® in a range of container sizes, from 5 liter bottles for top up, from 20 Ltr to 210 Liter barrel for mediumto Large Fleets and Bulk for OEM's. In short, we have a packaging solution to suit every need.


The AdBlue® trademark is currently held by the German Association of the Automobile Industry (VDA), to ensure that you only buy a reagent for your heavy duty vehicles that bears the name AdBlue® with the registered trademark ® on the product label. Buying AdBlue from Inabgo is a guarantee of the correct and better specification required for use with your SCR technology.